Selected Works of A.K. Thorne and His Friends

About A.K. Thorne and this Blog

Born in 1930 in Liberal, Kansas, A.K. Thorne is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and westerns.

From 1939 to 1951, A.K. Thorne wrote over 73,000 short stories, poems, screenplays, and novels, none of which Mr. Thorne has received any credit for. At only ten years old, Thorne proved to be one of the most gifted writers in history and quickly gained the notice of several other authors, agents, and publishers who offered to get his works published. Without consulting his parents, Thorne gave all his material to these various agents and never saw a cent of profit for his efforts.

Since that time, nearly all the 73,000 works of fiction and poetry he has written has been rewritten and published under other author’s names. You may recognize some of these authors if you were told who they were. You would definitely recognize his stories as some of the most memorable and successful ideas in mainstream literature.

At the age of twenty-one, A.K. Thorne was hitchhiking across the Midwest when he stopped for lunch at a roadside diner somewhere between Chicago and Salt Lake City. Always a writer, and never a reader, Thorne was unusually drawn that day to purchase a popular sci-fi magazine to read during his travels. As it turned out, every story in the magazine was one of his works, reworked and published under the name of someone else.

Determined to receive compensation for his stolen pieces, Thorne attempted to travel to New York to employ his cousin, a successful lawyer in Albany, to sue the people that had cheated him.

A.K. Thorne never made it to Albany.

Not far from the very diner where he learned of the crimes committed against his brilliant mind, A.K. Thorne was hit by a car.

For the past fifty-eight years, A.K. Thorne has lived in a near-catatonic state at a nursing home in central Texas. Last year, while working on a story for a local newspaper in the area, as part of my internship in journalism, I happened upon this great man and have learned his amazing story. Six months ago, Thorne finally spoke to me for the first time and has asked not only that I tell his story, but chronicle the infinite number of stories he has written in his head since then.

This blog, written by me, comes straight from the mouth of the master. Everything in it is spoken and approved by A.K. Thorne himself.

He no longer wishes for justice, only for release.

This blog is that release.


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