Selected Works of A.K. Thorne and His Friends

Day Ten – Bromance of the Three Colonies

Godhood of the Infinitesimally Small


Alacamians are spider-like by our human standards. The alien race typically has a spherical central body with an apparently random number of appendages extended from it.

Ancient Alacamian culture once revered those of its ranks with the largest number of appendages, and shunned those with the fewest – though, that has changed in recent millennia. In ancient times, the Alacamians were not a space-faring species at all, and, by generalized comparison, had developed along similar evolutionary paths as the human race. As can be predicted, the Alacamians had their own version of our dark ages, during which those poor sods unlucky enough to have been born with less than five appendages were cast to the filth of the streets, or worse, simply killed at birth.

At some point during what Alacamian scholars describe as their age of enlightenment, an Alacamian male was born that had no appendages at all. In…

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